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ami joanne angelina germanotta [userpic]
by ami joanne angelina germanotta (missfrehley)
at April 6th, 2010 (05:08 pm)

current mood: optimistic
current song: Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - Love Is a Long Road | Powered by Last.fm

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Name: Amy
Age: 22
Gender: Female

Likes: Being me, hanging out and relaxing with my friends, live music of all kinds, a nice pair of slacks, my job, summertime, travelling and experiencing different countries and cultures, cooking and eating the results of the cookery. I really like Bruce Springsteen at the moment. Dropping movie quotes into every day conversation. The 1970s and 1980s. Neil Patrick Harris. Movies about the 1970s and 1980s. Hellboy. 1980s teen flicks like Lost Boys, Heathers, Ferris Bueller. Everything that happened at least 20 years ago.
Dislikes: Rain, the dark, having no money because I spend it all on holidays and clothes, cleaning and tidying, modernity, radio-friendly indie "rock". When my friends are too busy to see me. Being messed about. And all the usuals like racism, homophobia etc etc.
Strengths: I am very independent. That would be my main strength. I'm also fiercely loyal, almost to a fault. If someone is my friend, it would take nothing short of them murdering someone for me to turn against them. My sense of humour, I'm very sarcastic and dry. Some people find that a weakness though. I'm far more intelligent than I appear and I have an encyclopaedic knowledge of trivia, so I'm brilliant in a pub quiz.
Weaknesses: I'm nowhere near as self-assured as I'd like to be, and I hate not feeling accepted. I have a typical Aries hot-headedness and I'm stubborn to boot. I can be arrogant and aloof. I'm.. well, I dont like to stick with one person for too long. I get bored very easily.

Hobbies: Does wasting hours online count as a hobby? Other than that I sing, pole dance and sometimes go for a run. Sitting through a whole series of a TV show in one go.

Your Worst Fear: Dying alone

Please tell us something about you that you don't normally tell people: I lack self-confidence, so I fake it.

Favorite Quote: "In Absentia Luci, Tenebrae Vincunt" - "In the absent of light, darkness prevails". The motto of the BPRD in Hellboy. Works well for SPN as well I think.
Favorite Color: Pinks, purples and blues.
Favorite Food: I love food. All of it. Seriously the only things I dont eat are bananas and brussel sprouts, but I have a soft spot for my homemade curries.
Favorite Animal: Always been polar bears.
Favorite Supernatural Creature: I love the Trickster. He's such a dick.
Favorite Type of Music: "greatest hits of Mullet Rock". No, seriously, I have always had the same music taste as Dean. Hell, ever since I was a wee kiddie my favourite Led Zeppelin song has been Ramble On, with Achilles Last Stand being high up there in the list :| Blame my dad. In fact, the music is what got me into Supernatural in the first place, my friend said "hey, this show has awesome music that you'd like and the added bonus of a really really ridiculously good looking cast." Sold.
Favorite Car: 1959 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz. The most American car ever built and sold, and one day I will own one. In pink.
Favorite Place: Hm, it's a toss up between Stockholm, Sweden, and Beziers in the south of France. Both are beautiful places for different reasons. Stockholm is just.. a seriously amazing city and Beziers has this wonderful Mediterranean laid back vibe, and history and everything about the city is wonderful.

Your Fashion Style (Examples: gothic, preppy, punk, nerdy, etc.): My friend calls it "Gypsy Biker". I call it "it should still be 1976 why aren't bellbottom flares acceptable any more?" Basically a lot of bleached/pale denim, leather jackets, sandals and flip flops, or biker boots, band shirts, contrasted with girly floral skirts and pastel colours and stuff.

Are you an optimist or a pessimist?: Optipessimist. Try to be an optimist but sometimes..
Are you a leader or a follower?: People tend to look to me as a leader. Which is annoying because I'm too laid back to lead anyone anywhere.
Are you an introvert or an extrovert?: I'm really, really REALLY good at projecting an image of extrovertion.
Are you a dreamer or a realist?: Dreamer! I hate real life :(
Are you mature or immature?: It depends on the situation
Are you impulsive or cautious?: Impulsive. I like doing things off the cuff.
Are you controlling or submissive?: I wouldn't say submissive is the right word. I don't like to be in control but I won't be pushed around.
Are you a hero or a villain?: To use D&D terms (oh god), Chaotic Good.

Do you consider yourself intelligent?: Yep. Booksmarts and streetsmarts.
Do you believe in things that are supernatural?: Oh yes. I've had too many experiences with ghosts to not believe in them.

Who is your favorite Supernatural character and why?: CASTIEL BECAUSE I ADORE MISHA COLLINS. OK, that's an awful reason. Why I like Cas, other than I want to jump his bones.. mostly it's because he takes everything so seriously, pretty much everything he says ends up being unintentionally hilarious. Plus he's torn between doing what he's commanded to do, and helping the Winchesters so he's all tormented and asdfasd. OK, I only have shallow reasons. I want to cuddle Cas.
Who is your least favorite Supernatural character and why?: Ruby. Fuck Ruby. Nobody does that to Sammy. I don't like Anna either, because she's just so... self-righteous. I hated the whole "I know who I am now, I'm an angel" blah blah blah. Pff.
Which Supernatural character do you think you are most like and why?: After reading through my application, I'd vote me Dean but I dont want to seem like I'm pushing for him. But the whole needing acceptance from someone, same music taste, loyal to a fault, fiercely independent.. yeah.

What is your favorite Supernatural episode and why?:I like a lot. Mystery Spot, because of the ever growing ridiculousness of Dean's deaths over the course of the day. Monster Movie is fun, Yellow Fever.. It's The Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester because Don Harding looks exactly like one of my lecturers at uni. He is now known as Evil Bjorn. The Real Ghostbusters is probably my favourite episode though. I know LARPers in real life. Yes, they are that weird.
What is your least favorite Supernatural episode and why?: I dunno. I hate Anna so, any with her in. Haha.

If the world of Supernatural was real, what would you be doing?: Grabbin' the nearest shotgun and hoarding rock salt like nobody's business.

Please put up two or three pictures of yourself here:
EXCUSE THE POSING. I am a massive, massive poser.

Anything else you would like to mention?:
Pleaaaase someone come vote? This place is too awesome to die!

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Posted by: Cillian Murphy's eye double (sursumcorda)
Posted at: May 12th, 2010 04:21 am (UTC)

I'm feeling Pamela from you, idk idk.

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