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I don't have a Winchester-themed icon, so here's something else
by quixoticpulse (quixoticpulse)
at April 25th, 2010 (11:34 am)

current mood: tired

... is it still okay to post here?

This isn't a re-stamp

Sixteen. This community makes me feel so young, man. ;;

Music, books, softball, spending time with my friends (read: what little friends I have), making wacky photoshop'd things, my theory of knowledge class wherein nothing gets done, being able to pay for things on my own, being able to do things on my own, really bad horror movies, Ken Russell films, soy cheese, going through antique shops for vinyl, putting up posters
Homophobia, people who get bad grades then get paid for it, kids whose parents pay for everything, cleaning out the dishwasher, really random tan lines, when people try to organize my stuff, scene kids, most people my age, losing all my friends to the move over here, PETA, crazy political activists (right or left), Beatles fans...
I'm independent. I do well in school and I work hard for my grades, I'm persistant and I think before I talk. At the same time, I have a very sarcastic sense of humour (although people don't usually realize I'm making jokes :/), and while I'm shy I'm capable of actually interacting with people.
Crazy-low self-esteem, I don't sleep if I don't have to, worry too much, I make generalizations about people. I complain a lot, and I procrastinate. I have a pretty bad temper and I tend to shove everything waaaay way down inside so that I don't say mean things to people.

Hobbies: I'm in IB, I don't have hobbies. Doing homework, playing softball, working, reading, listening to music... that's kind of all I do. Sad.

Your Worst Fear:
Something happening to Ailidh and my not being able to do anything about it cos I'm all the way over here.

Please tell us something about you that you don't normally tell people:
IRL, I rarely/never tell people that I'm engaged to a girl in Canada. Even my parents think that when I visited her I was just going to visit one of my friends.

Favorite Quote:
"The great thing about the future is you’ll never have to put your parents in an old people’s home. All you have to do is stick them straight in the fridge—straight in the fridge and you can see ‘em any time you like." - John Entwistle
Favorite Color:
Olive green or orange
Favorite Food:
Effing love me some coffee (it's a drink, but whatever)
Favorite Animal:
sea pig
(I don't actually know, I just think this is the coolest thing ever)
Favorite Supernatural Creature:
I really think the ghosts are my favourite. Mostly cos of the flickering thing they do.
Favorite Type of Music:
I used to really like older music, but then I realized that by limiting myself to just that, I miss out on a lot. So now I'll listen to pretty much anything, but I do tend to gravitate toward the "classics". Right now I'm kind of into stuff like Joan Jett... or The Who... I love The Who. Pre-Kenney Jones Who. XD;
Favorite Car:
As long as it takes me places and doesn't explode, I'll love it.
(that's my way of saying I know nothing about cars)
Favorite Place:
I used to live in Oregon, and it was really pretty. I especially love the little towns where you're pretty sure everyone knows each other. However, my favourite place is definitely going to be Corvallis. I love the riverfront, it's gorgeous. And, on a different note, Assisi. Love it.

Your Fashion Style (Examples: gothic, preppy, punk, nerdy, etc.):
I like a lot of different stuff, as long as it's in dark colours, but I wouldn't call it goth. I wear a lot of jeans, and I have band t-shirts, and I have kind-of-dress shirts (I do love those ;;)... but I guess anything I wear can be turned into the nerd style. I mean, I have those stereotypical nerd things like glasses, and braces...

Are you an optimist or a pessimist?:
In the middle. Lately I'm a pessimist unless I'm talking to people.
Are you a leader or a follower?:
... in the middle... again... although in order to make sure people don't get angry at me, I'm a follower.
Are you an introvert or an extrovert?:
Introvert. I'm getting better, though.
Are you a dreamer or a realist?:
Reeeealist. But I do dream, just... only when it comes to Ailidh (the fiance I mentioned earlier ;;)
Are you mature or immature?:
I can be either, it depends who I'm around and what I'm doing.
Are you impulsive or cautious?:
More cautious than anything. I have to contemplate impulsive actions, so I guess I'm more cautious... and the actions aren't impulsive anymore.
Are you controlling or submissive?:
I don't like being in control, but I'm not entirely submissive. I just don't want to make people angry :/
Are you a hero or a villain?:
... I really can't say I'm either. I'd be one of those heroes that could become a villian if something made me angry enough.

Do you consider yourself intelligent?:
To some extent.
Do you believe in things that are supernatural?:
Yeah, I suppose. I'd blame my grandparents and one of my childhood friends.

Who is your favorite Supernatural character and why?:
I jump between Sam and Cas. I have no reason for Cas, but I like Sam becaaause... I don't know, because he does a lot of research? And somehow that's appealing to me, which is really sad if you start to think about it...
Who is your least favorite Supernatural character and why?:
John. I don't have a reason, I probably just needed someone to not-like off the top of my head.
Which Supernatural character do you think you are most like and why?:
I like to think I'm like myself, because if I say one then you'll already be thinking it and so you're more likely to vote it. Whoo hoo, let's leave this up to chance.
What is your favorite Supernatural episode and why?:
... would the answer 'anything with Sam-related angst' be acceptable? Actually, I love Born Under a Bad Sign because I love the idea of someone going missing and not knowing what's going on, so they have to retrace their steps and figure it out bit by bit. AND THEN THE PLOT TWISTS... -shot-
I like mystery-things.
What is your least favorite Supernatural episode and why?:
Er... pretty much the bugs episode. I don't like bugs. Especially spiders. Ewww.
If the world of Supernatural was real, what would you be doing?:
Cowering in fear
I don't know, moving to Canada to make sure Ailidh was okay ;--; then we'd figure out what to do from there.
Please put up two or three pictures of yourself here:

I like this shirt. It's my favourite. Except then it's also my dress shirt. :/

Yeah, I never look at cameras for some reason, it just bugs me to be like "LOLHEYLOOKITMELOOKINGATTHISDEVICERIGHTHERE" and if there's a flash and you don't know about it? Yeah.

I'm hardcore enough to open umbrellas in the house. /fail

Anything else you would like to mention?:
... no? ;--;

Please link to 5 other applications you have voted on (You cannot link to applications that you've already used for this question in your other applications.):
(please note this is kind of an in-progress section, I'll post links as I comment)


Posted by: Noora (adelate)
Posted at: April 28th, 2010 11:38 am (UTC)
Dean - cleen teeth yay

I get Sam.

Posted by: pathsforme (pathsforme)
Posted at: May 18th, 2010 08:57 pm (UTC)

I agree, I get a total Sam vibe from you.

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